What’s a Sri Dog? Technically, it’s not a thing (yet); I made it up, as an alternative, colloquial name for Sri Lankan street dogs. The term ‘Sri Lankan street dog’ while relatively inoffensive, is also: a) troublesome once you’ve adopted them and they are no longer dogs living on the…



In developing countries such as Sri Lanka, populations of free-roaming dogs (FRDs), (colloquially known as street dogs), are prevalent in urban areas. The prevalence of these populations in densely urbanized areas pose animal welfare issues, while simultaneously posing public health risks (zoonotic disease transmission…

Hello, sorry I know I haven’t properly introduced myself, I’m a shy bird; I’m Soharni Tennekoon and I run @ceylonstreetdogproject as a volunteer side project (I’m also a mama and business co-owner).

This project is just me, a lone dog nerd (there’s no team!), researching dog behaviour & welfare, with…

Image via ROAR.LK

Dog-Wildlife conflict is an ongoing issue islandwide; an issue that isn’t being managed adequately, leading to negative impacts on wildlife, dogs, and communities alike.

Free-roaming dogs pose multiple threats to wildlife, such as:

- direct predation
- competition for resources such as prey and space (interference competition)
- communicable disease transmission, particularly rabies, distemper and parvo

(This conflict indirectly impacts humans too, particularly the risk of zoonotic disease spread ).

I sometimes zone out and get lost in the little things, like a shadow on a chair. I’ve learnt then to snap out of it and cajole myself to focus on something more ‘productive’. But why? I’m relearning that what’s cooler still is realizing you’re enjoying the little things and…

Mouse, an antidepressant

I have a deep love of animals. But I think the reason I find dogs so wondrous is their millennia long relationship with humans. It’s a one of kind special inter-species bond like no other on the planet.

They’ve *evolved* to be able to read human facial expressions, gestures and…

Art by Namrata Kumar

I’ve had a difficult relationship with exercise all my life. I started regular running in secondary school as a way to channel my excess energy, keep my weight in check and combat my rage. Aside from swimming and tennis as school sports I was otherwise wholly uninterested in exercise.



Here are some of my favourite things:

  1. Immersing in nature (trees, sky, grass, wind, bodies of water, leaves, branches, flowers, the moon, stars, rain, mist, rainbows, moss, natural sounds, a sunny day and the way it lights up all that it touches)
  2. Staring into my…

I recently watched an interesting lecture on Yoga & the Somatic Experience, with Suniti Dernovsek @yogaanytime


Here were my fave takeaways:

  1. Somatic Yoga is a form of moving meditation. Throughout the exercise, you focus on your inner experience as you move and expand your internal awareness
  2. Yoga is about intimacy with yourself and your surroundings. It’s about being close. Not far away with your thoughts. It’s about being here in the now. Showing up and being present. Not wishing you were somewhere else, but feeling in your body in your current environment in the present moment. Showing up for your own life.
  3. Yoga is about inquiry. It’s about being in the question, the not knowing. This gives us more freedom and lightness than having a definite closed answer. Be content in the process of questioning and not having the answers immediately.


Where does it lead anyway

Ah the stairs that lead to nowhere. Like my anxiety. I kid, but also not. Having an anxiety disorder is basically being in perpetual Panic Mode. Sometimes it’s worse than others, but it’s consistent and overwhelming. Panic Mode then kicks into gear Survival Mode.

This is not a fun or…

Soharni Tennekoon

Canine behaviourist researching free roaming dog ethology & welfare. Dog nerd writing about dogs, movement, mindfulness & mental health

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